Terrie is a recognised authority in the areas of sales, leadership, strategy, change management and a specialist in new business and turnarounds. Terrie has repeatedly built high performance teams by motivating the people to achieve their best willingly and happily.  She is also the author of 30 Days of Inspiration, The Little Red Success Book and many articles on success and leadership. Reaching senior level management in an international corporation by age of 28, she attained Board level positions just a few years later. 

She is a dynamic and passionate speaker and recognised globally for motivating sales people to over achieve. 

She approaches the world with warmth, happiness and an open honesty that has won her considerable esteem. Terrie is totally committed to the practices, and philosophies, outlined in her books and continues to live them as part of her daily life. 

Raised in the Australian outback, she has travelled the world visiting many remote places and meeting people from many cultures. She has lived and worked internationally for many years, whilst holding strong ties to her native Australia.

Terrie is presently living between Europe and Australia with her personal and business partner, and their treasured friend Easydog. 

She continues to promote the concept of health and happiness through success and sheer joy of life.

For Professional Bio , Please go to http://be.linkedin.com/in/terrieanderson